Top 10 Fire-Sure Ways You Can Increase Your Creativity Level

Have you ever thought you could increase your creativity level… if only you are willing?


From the beginning, there has been an ultimate Creator. In Him lies the ultimate creativity. And He has passed His trait of creativity to even the individuals He created!


Severally, I have read that creativity is not a talent, but a skill. Meaning it can be learnt.  I agreed to a very large extent that you can learn about something and becoming creative about that thing.


But, I believe that thing has been deposited in you by God Himself! And your learning process to becoming creative is just your discovery path to reaching your creativity destination.


This can be a subject for debate, but I’m not here to debate the issue.


I’m here to tell you about the 10 ways you can increase your level of creativity. First, let’s explain what creativity is :




Creativity is innovating, testing, developing, taking risks, breaking rules, committing errors, and having fun.


The creative mind desires to be a know-it-all. He desires to know about all sorts of things – old history, eighteenth century science, current production strategies, swine fates.


Since he never knows when these ideas might come together to create a new idea. It may occur seven minutes later, or seven months, or seven years.


But he has the strong belief that it will surely happen some days.


When you get involved in what you are naturally created to do, your work attracts the nature of pleasure and it is the pleasure that triggers the creativity in you.


Creativity  is – by and large – considered as desirable, and something you can improved upon.


Truth be told, creativity is often regarded as identifying with the creative and performing arts. Recall, that can take numerous forms.  The offender can turn creativity to unlawful use as simply as the artist puts brush to canvas.


Try not to presume, hence, that creativity is good considering it alone. Like most types of ability, it can be utilized for good or for mischief.


Here are the top 10 ways to increase your creativity level :


  1. Decide on giving yourself some imagination moments.


Plan it if needed. Amid that time, permit nothing to interrupt you. Give your mind this period to glide freely, unrestrained to works. Try not to consider what you will do when this time is over. Permit yourself to look out of the window, gaze at the mists, fantasize.


  1. show curiosity.


Ask questions: why? How? How come? Reject simple answers, provided they don’t sound reasonable to you.


  1. Overlook custom.


Simply because something has repeatedly been done that way, or employed for that reason, doesn’t mean things can’t change.


“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”

John F. Kennedy


  1. Engage yourself in playing game – or play game with people –  In attempting to locate the most uses other than the conspicuous ones for daily things like paperclips, blocks, or anything that rings a bell.


Doing most of these things will extend and build up your creativity muscles.


  1. Ask “What if?

Choose one particular part  of a normal circumstance and envision what might change if that one particular part were different. Complete this in all its suggestions.


  1. Read science fiction.


Permit yourself to be inundated on the planets it portrays. Think about outlandish things and parallel universes. The Queen of Hearts exhorted Alice to trust one unthinkable thing daily before breakfast. It was a word of wisdom.


  1. Give credence to your preliminary ideas without judgment.


Give them time to develop and mature before you put them to test. Butterflies that have recently risen up out of the crysalis have wet, folded wings. Give them an opportunity to grow before you come to a conclusion whether they can fly.


The reason conceptualizing has turned out to be such a standby when group creativity is included is that all disapproval is put on hold amid the  preliminary idea-generating stage. Permit yourself the same liberty.


  1. Take risks.


It’s alright to commit errors. By definition, to be creative you ought to consider new, and hence untested, ideas. Albert Einstein said that he could have ninety-nine ideas that weren’t right before he got the one that was correct.


  1. Delight in the PROCESS of creativity.


Try not to concentrate on the outcome. The mystery and joy of creating is being in the stream, of losing yourself in the process.


In the event that you continually break the stream to check how the end result will look to others, to ask yourself, “Will it sell?” “Will it win?” you will subvert the procedure and perhaps harm your creation.


  1. Simply go ahead and HAVE IT DONE!


Try not to wait for the ideal time, it won’t come. Painters paint, rub the paint off and paint once more. Journalists write and erase.


They don’t hold on until they can do it impeccably before they begin. You do not require twelve honed pencils and flawless quietness before you put pen to paper.


Keep in mind that Shakespeare wrote during a time when the entire family sat at the same table and had the same oil lamp. It is impossible that he had a different study or could hold on  until the family had gone to bed so as to write. You can follow your inspiration.


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